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Home Energy Solutions

What is Home Energy Solutions?

Home Energy Solutions is designed to help homeowners save money on their energy bills with better and more energy efficient windows, insulation, ventilation, exterior doors and insulated siding. 

Red River Roofing Residential Division's new program, Home Energy Solutions, provides homeowners with a professional and informed assessment of their home's energy efficiency by focusing on windows, attic insulationroof ventilationexterior doors and insulated siding. Born from our residential roofing division, this program provides the homeowner with the tools necessary to increase the home's comfort. The roof's longevity will increase with proper ventilation; the ventilation will be more effective with the right amount of insulation; and the home will be properly insulated with the added protection of strong thermal windows and energy efficient doors. All these factors working together help to decrease the load on your heating and cooling systems. 

Many homeowners are often hesitant at the upfront costs to increase their insulation, add ventilation or change out their windows and doors. There is a misconception that these changes aren't cost effective. Studies show that homeowners can save anywhere from 20% to 45% in energy savings with upgrades to their windows, insulation and/or ventilation. So the real question is, "How can you afford not to?"

Home Energy Solutions consultants will work with the homeowner to evaluate where you can take advantage of any incentives and increase your monthly savings on your utility bills. We offer professional and informed suggestions looking closely at your windows, attic insulation, ventilation, exterior doors and insulated siding. 

Please take the time to look further into our products to see how we can increase your home's energy efficiency. 




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