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Commercial Leak Repair

Commercial Roof Leak Repair Is Our Business

The roof is the most important part in a commercial building structure, but it is also the most vulnerable. The roof has to be strong enough to defend your business against wind, rain, fire, hail, snow, ice and extreme heat. These elements can contribute to the decay and deterioration of the lifespan of your roof, causing leaks and damage.

A properly maintained roof is necessary to protect your building and the business conducted within it. Remember that a little maintenance can result in a lot of savings, especially when compared to the cost of damage from a small, undetected leak or a catastrophic roof failure.

Our repair and maintenance team are manufacturer trained in leak repair and are experts in commercial repair and maintenance. We are knowledgeable in the common leak problem areas and our 15 years of service has given us the experience to uncover even the hardest to find leak sources. We can help you determine the health of your roof, estimate the remaining life of the roof and help you to develop a maintenance plan with additional steps to further the longevity of your roof. 

Common Commercial Roof Leak Sources

Faulty Base FlashingClogged Rooftop Drainage

BlisteringFaulty Pitch Pocket Sealant

PondingWall Flashing