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Roof Damage, Leaks and Repair


Roof damage 
An Oklahoma roof needs to be able to withstand windstorms, hail, tornadoes, blistering heat and frozen winters. An inadequate roof suffers through storm damage, hail damage, leaks, cracks, missing shingles, poor attic insulation, clogged gutters and shoddy roof repairs. With all the beating a roof takes, would you trust your roof repair and maintenance to just anyone?


What Can Red River Roofing Do For You?
Red River Roofing Residential Division has a fully staffed repair and maintenance division that makes roof repairs each and every day. In addition to their constant immersion in the repair environment, they undergo regular training and education to keep up-to-date with the newest and most effective tools and techniques. With regular inspections and maintenance, you can find and fix small things before they become big and expensive replacements. Contact us today for your free roof inspection!

It is incredibly important that you don't wait to have your roof inspected for hail damage. Over time, shingles with hail damage will be exposed to UV rays and will lead to further damage and leaks. Check out this video on the long-term effects of hail damage, the importance of roof inspections and storm damage insurance claims. 

Storm or Hail Damage

Roof repairRoof leakLeaks and Repair
Red River Roofing has a fully-staffed and well-trained office team that is here to support you and your home before, during and after the job. Here are some storm damage tips to assess the damage to your home. 

•  From ground level, do a visual inspection. Look for shingles that may have blown off, exposing the wood of the roof deck below.
•  Check your yard for blown-off shingles that you may not see when looking at the roof itself.
•  Ensure that no siding, soffit, fascia or roof structures have been torn or damaged.
•  Check that the eavestroughing has not been damaged and that downpipes remain firmly attached.
•  If it’s safe to do so, climb up to the roof level and complete your inspection.
•  Leaks and water stains inside your home are a sure indication of roof damage.
•  Take detailed notes of anything you notice that doesn't seem right.
•  Consult your roofing limited warranty for details.
•  Call a Red River Roofing to come and inspect for damage you may have missed and arrange for any necessary roof repairs to be made as soon as possible.

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Roof Leaks and Roof Repairs

Roof repair
Red River Roofing has one of the highest regarded Repair and Maintenance divisions in the state. These crews only work on roof maintenance related issues, roof leak detection, and roof repair. It’s because of the specialized nature of their work and ongoing training that these crews are the most aggressive problem solvers in the business. Did you know that small leaks can go unnoticed for so long because the water could be draining inside of the interior walls? In some cases, a homeowner will not see any signs until the leak becomes large enough to spread out and cause more substantial damage. Our team focuses on identifying the problem, diagnosing the cause and taking action to resolve the issue.

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Emergency Roof Leak Repair
Need to stop a roof leak fast? Check our blog for emergency roof repair tips. Then contact us for your permanent solution.

Will Insurance Cover Your Roof Damage?
If the damage caused to your roof is caused by a natural disaster or accident that is covered by your policy, you should be able to get all repairs paid for by your policy. Whether or not your insurance covers the cost of roof replacement depends largely on the extent of the damage. When roof repair could resolve the issue, your insurance company will want to fix the damage with less costly and less extensive repair measures. The cause of the damage is also considered when your insurance decides whether or not to replace the roof under your policy. For more information on how Red River Roofing can help during your insurance claim process, please click here

Why your roof isn't fully covered by your homeowners insurance

For more tips on how to file a roofing claim – check out this helpful video

Should your storm or hail damage or roof leak result in a new roof for your home, rest assured that Red River Roofing will be there to walk you through all the steps in making sure you make the right choice for your home. Red River Roofing has experience in the installation of all types of roofs, whether you chose stone coated steel, impact resistant shingles, architectural, slate, wood shake or asphalt shingles. Contact us or give us a call today to discuss all the options available for your home.